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The Search is Over

"When we moved to our new house 11 years ago we also began the search for a church closer. We spent
several Sundays visiting nearby churches. The Sunday we visited Heritage, we decided to go Sunday
School first and then church. As we entered the church and was directed to what is now the children's
wing, we were greeted by a sweet couple who were standing the the doorway of John and Jan Lapham's
classroom. I thought it was a set up because Jack had begun a new hobby of turning wood and had seen
the man who greeted us on a OETA woodworking show.  Yes, it was Bob and Arleta Fulton! We loved
the class and those who were there. We stayed for the service and met Pastor David Daniel. Need I say
more?  We saw in this group of people a love for the Lord and wanted to join them in service to Him. 
Heritage has changed a bit, our pastor changed, our classroom location changed, as has many aspects
of the church. The one thing I can say is that this church, Heritage, still has the same love for the Lord
and focus for service. Yes, we were looking for a new church and the search ended with Heritage. We're

- Jolene Donathan

A Delightful Mistake

"Hello, my name is Joy Farnsworth and I am a member of Heritage and I love my church.

My journey at this church began about 15 years ago. I had moved to Oklahoma I was looking for a place
to attend Church. One Saturday I was driving down Kenosha when I turned into what I thought was a
Doctor’s Office parking lot. How wrong I was. It turned out to be a Church. It was in fact Heritage
United Methodist Church.

I looked at the times of services and decided for me the best time was the early morning service. There
was only two services offered at that time. We now have three services to choose from. I returned the
next day for service. Whenever I go someplace new I am always anxious. But when I walked into
Heritage I was greeted with a big smile and a warm welcome. The person at the door welcomed me,
and I felt like this was where I belonged. I did not feel like a visitor or someone there for the first time. I
could feel the love in this church. I showed to my seat and even introduced to several of the people
sitting around me. When the service began we were asked to greet others. Many came and greeted me
making me feel as if I was a part of the church and not an outsider.

After service the Pastor greeted me and asked if I would like to attend a Sunday school class. I declined
his offer and just went home. But during the week I thought about my experience at this loving church
and actually looked forward to attending again. When I entered the next week I was greeted just as
warmly. Several of the congregation even remembered my name. I did not feel like I was attending for
the first time once again. Again after service Pastor asked if I would like to go to a Sunday school class.
This time I asked about the different classes available to me. I was told about the classes and
encouraged to feel free to attend any one of them, or I could just try them to see which the best was for

Over the years I have attended several different classes. I have even taught a couple of classes. You
can change classes anytime and there is never any pressure. If a certain class is studying a subject that
you are interested in change to that class. Change back to your original class when that study is
completed. There are a variety of subjects being taught at any one time. Currently I am attending the
Daughters of Grace Class. It is the women’s Class and it is filled with caring and wonderful women who
look out for and pray faithfully for one another.

Heritage reaches out not only those in the church, but also out to our community, by doing different
mission projects throughout the year. We help many different groups and ages from babies, to youth,
to seniors. We not only do local missions but support missions worldwide.

Heritage is a wonderful church and it has helped me to grow in so many areas of my Christian walk. I
have learned more about the Bible through many different Bible studies lead by different leaders. I
have learned the importance of knowing what it is that we believe, and why we believe it. Heritage is a
place to grow, to make a difference and to care about each other. Heritage may not be the biggest
church in Broken Arrow but it has some of the most caring people. They show love and caring to
everyone that enter into our church. It is not just a building but a place where the love of Jesus is shown
to everyone.

I am so glad that I turned into that parking lot one Saturday afternoon. That is the place where I found
my home."

- Joy Farnsworth